Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why did I think I had enough energy to rearrange Blake and Reade's room this afternoon? I have been itching to switch things around to get ready for Blake's big boy bed. Somehow all the books seemed to multiply and it took me forever to get them back on the bookshelf. Reade didn't want to be put down so I was constantly moving him from the crib to the baby carrier and then back into my arms when he hated that.

My mother went back to Sacramento this morning to get back to her own life. She was such a big help throughout this whole ordeal. I could not have done any of this without her. I was happy she got to spend some time with Reade in his home environment and she even gave him two of his nebulizer treatments. I love, love, love you mom!

As far as medical updates go, my lab results are the only ones that have come in. My pertussis test came back negative. Strep pneumonia and another bacteria came back positive for me meaning I have the germs that usually cause ear infections and pneumonia. I can fight them off so they are no big deal. Reade is on anitibiotics for another five days and we can ween the nebulizer treatments down once his cough is completely gone. His lungs sound clear to the doctors so he is almost completely over this cold.

The pediatrician told me to keep him away from kids/germs for the next two weeks and then after that practice good hand washing to avoid germs. She poo-poo'd the other doctor's three month statement saying there is no perfect window of keeping babies healthy. She also reminded me that women with six children are not able to bubble wrap their babies, as well as moms who have children in school and a baby at home. So I have taken some of the blame off myself and look forward to moving past this incident.

I still don't want to be very far away from my boys and am in protective mode, but life will get back to normal soon. Thanks again for everyone's support. It really helped me know the world outside of the NICU is a safe, warm place.

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Steph said...

It's wonderful to see how you have so many kids' books. It must be really fun for Blake (and soon Reade) to have lots of stories to listen to :)