Thursday, January 30, 2014

::Elevator Music::

I can't always rely on craigslist for all of my decorating needs.  Sometimes I have to roll up my sleeves and create what I want.  

I hate painting.  I don't have the patience to paint.  It bothers me that I have to get everything ready, clean up, and then do it all over again tomorrow.  

Some women live for milk paint and chalk paint and whatever new paint is on the market.  I wish I could get into it, but that process makes me cranky right off the bat. 
Other people's hard work (probably with a lot less whining)
Things I do have patience for:
1. Waiting in parking lots for cars to back out.
2. Keeping my cool while my daughter throws everything in a four foot radius during a tantrum.  I will wait forever for her to pick that stuff up just to prove a point to her.
3. The time it takes for the two ferries in the Puget Sound to pass one another because it looks like one ship for half a second.
4. Babies to come out of my body.

I think those things make up for my snotty behavior while I paint stupid wood.

Speaking of patience, here are my kids waiting for me to get back into the minivan with some Krispy Kreme donuts (from last weekend):

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Knock Off

To Wassily or not?  That is the question tonight.

Knock off of course.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Days Fly By

 This blog got neglected this week.  I somehow got sucked hard core into mom land.  I took Blake to his first soccer lesson only to find out that A) the company didn't show up so all the classes got cancelled and B) I got a parking ticket for parking forward in a back-in parking spot.  Lessons we learn as we go along.  So I have nothing to offer this blog except a window into what my brain is obsessing over.  Selfish and non-interesting.

 I tried out Homejoy for house cleaning today.  The cleaners were nice, but forgot to clean my showers and kitchen sink.  The company (read here) is a startup in SF with a great online interface/customer service department.  They are sending out another cleaner on Monday for a free "fix it" cleaning.  Hopefully this works out because I love being able to sign up for housecleaning online without having scheduling conflicts.  It is also a great deal at $20/hr.

The city is full of fans doing fan-like things.  I am flying two flags off my minivan right now.  Not as big as this guy's of course.  The mommies on the playground just informed me that their blue and green Christmas lights just came in the mail so they can shine their colors.  I didn't even think of that one yet!

My brain is also in schooling overdrive.  Blake's schooling is still up in the air and I toured a local Montessori and have falling in love with their Primary-Elementary program for Reade.  Hmmm...lots of back in forth in my mind.  It will all get ironed out by March though.  Andrew and I had discussed the idea of overthinking our children's education, but watching great programs in action can be tough when you know such good things are out there.

Monday, January 20, 2014


They did it.  Seahawks won.  People were calling them the SHEhawks and talking smack, but they pulled it off.  I lost my voice from screaming so much and can't wait to be part of this city for the next few weeks.  The Broncos will be hard to beat, but just maybe our city's team can do it?

Here is Lynch making us proud.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Count Down

Today I sewed.
Today I prepared.
Steady hands I kept chanting in my head.
I am ready.
I hope the Seahawks are too.
Tomorrow is game day.

I made this dress for Piper.  I found a woman's t-shirt at the thrift store and turned it into a Game Day Dress for Piper.  Go Seahawks.  12th Fan Baby!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Finger Tapping

Here are some finger tapping things I am thinking about:

Lucite/acrylic Coffee Tables
Pros: Adorable design addition to house.
Con: Can only hold 34lbs.  Even Piper could bust this thing in two.  I also envision tons of etching done by my children in a non-artistic way.  It costs $150.
Find the table at this blog.

 Calf Print Thow.
Pros: $30
Cons: Can look a bit kitschy.


Outdoor Patio Table.
Pro: Made out of resin (sometimes composite) that can withstand our elements.
Cons: This one costs $1600.  Definitely on the hunt for a budget friendly alternative.
Viesso Table

P.S. Super buy of the year!  I have been on the hunt for more of our wedding silverware.  Online they fetch for $6 per piece.  Ouch!  eBay offered me nothing either.  So, I decided to give up and check craigslist for another set of cheap silverware.  They had a bunch of silverware in a bag for $30.  It was my matching set.  That was the only posting for everyday use and not someone's family silver they were trying to sell for $200.  More than 6 people can come over for dinner now!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

They Won

I am now a big time Seahawks fan.  American Football is a new passion of mine.  Who knew I could get into it at such an old age?  For the kids I say.

Blake celebrated tonight's win by printing out imitation Lego figure pictures to carry around.  I asked him if he wanted to use his allowance money to buy the set, but he said he was fine carrying around a printout instead.  Cheap date.

Go Seahawks!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Battle Wounds

A typical day = Screams and then a following statement close to this, "Moooooooom!  Piper just bit me.  She really hurt me."

I follow with a statement like this, "Well, I heard her scream before she bit you.  You obviously were making her mad.  Protect yourself and avoid her.  Don't make her mad."

I got bit by the Piper Monster.

We were snuggling and she bit through my shirt.  Ouch it hurt.  These are the days that I am glad my kid is home with me instead of in a daycare setting.  Folks, we have a mini monster on our hands and it is only I to blame.  She primarily plays with her brothers which results in her bossing them around and getting her way by screaming and biting.  

It is time for Piper to get some friends her own age.

That means I need to start taking her to those open gym times at the community center.  It is time for Baby Boot Camp.  I see it now:  Piper in a red cape roaring in like a bull through the gym double doors.  I will run around like a bullfighter and tame her into good behavior (without harming her of course).  I want to encourage an assertive daughter, not a bossy one.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Distinct Sounds

I remember running into an old college friend in Fry's, a year or so after graduating, and arguing over Britney Spears' voice. She said that although Britney wasn't her favorite person to watch, she loved that her voice stood out from most singers and was unusual. I often think back to that day and honor her opinion, but enjoy my own interpretation of that. I am easily bothered by singing voices and wince when someone is too whiney or uses a lot of vibrato (that shaky sound). Right now I am smitten with two voices. Two voices I enjoy in pop music, but two voices I especially like to hear acoustically. Is this your cup of tea? Maybe not, but for me I am in auditory bliss right now.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Tax Dollars

::earlier today::
Blake came home from school with the flu right before we left for our Christmas trip.  He spent the day watching videos and thought that was fun.  So today, the office called me at 11am saying Blake was complaining of a stomach ache.  I asked to speak to him and told him to get his little body back in class and that unless he is spewing from his body or has a temperature of 150 degrees I don't want to hear it!  I had no idea that I would be saying that so soon into his school career.

I hate it when I have to waste tax dollars.  Lame.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Year Ended

 The end of 2013 was full of heartwarming memories:

1st, there was the wedding of one of my best friends.  It was awesome.  They got married at City Hall in San Francisco on Dec. 23rd.  Congrats friends.

2nd, there was Christmas Eve at Aunt Shirley's in Stockton.  We do a Christmas Pageant remembering why Christmas is so special.

3rd, there was Christmas Day with my family.  Lots of laughs, excitement, and fun.  

4th, the kids ran wild with the neighborhood boys on my parent's street.  They are so lucky to have all these kids to play with when we are in town because I had no one when I was young.  Time was spent climbing trees or playing tackle.  It was like watching puppies.

5th, it was great seeing old friends again.  We stopped by our friend's house to see their new digs and have dinner.  There were six adults and eight kids so you can only imagine the fun.  

6th, we headed back to Andrew's parent's house for a Christmas after Christmas.  We celebrated New Year's Eve and tons of family came over on New Year's Day.  

That was two weeks of solid, social gathering.  The food and alcohol was top notch and tomorrow will be a shock to my system.