Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reunited And It Feels So Good!

Reade came home today. Blake loved seeing Reade for the first few minutes and then got a little crazy. I tried my hardest to have him help with diaper changes and medication administration, but truth be told, the child is two. I am the happiest clam in the world to have my family under one roof. Reade will be on antibiotics for another week and we have to do three nebulizer treatments a day. He has the worst diaper rash because of the antibiotics so he is on medicated diaper rash cream. The poor kid writhes in pain every diaper change.

I can't thank the staff at El Camino Hospital enough. They were absolutely wonderful and took exceptional care of Reade. Everyone fawned over his red hair, but my mom pointed out that the staff is used to one to four pound babies so seeing a chubby baby is probably a treat. Tomorrow, we have an appointment with the pediatrician to check in so I will post a story regarding his stats (I grabbed Reade so fast and forgot to ask questions as I was racing out to my car). I am not sure if I will sleep tonight because all I want to do is hold and stare at my precious angel.


Danika said...

Yipppeee! Welcome home Reade! So glad to see him "wireless" and at home.

sls said...

Great to hear that Reade is home and you can get back to playing Mom!

gloria scott said...

A few little folks in the photo do not share your feelings of
relief and happiness (smile)
perfect pic of reality.
Auntie G