Friday, February 26, 2010

Home Again

It feels good to be home. I just got back from taking Blake to Sacramento to pick up our dogs and see my parents. I am looking forward to getting back into our daily routine around here. My body is screaming at me to slow down and relax so I am going to listen and heed its advice. Can I really do that though? We will see.

Now for some quiet activities. I am encouraging everyone to slow life down and focus on one thing a day that brings you some peace and quiet.

My Nana showed me some of her knitting/crocheting books and I quickly took some home for immediate projects to make for baby #2. Isn't this book great:

I have chosen the "fancy pants" as my first project from this book. I think they will be a great diaper cover for the new baby's diaper:


Here is the wool and the back of the "fancy pants." Oh, how I love saying that name:

Now to calm my cranky, first child. If only peace and quiet was a real thing around here.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last L.A. Memories

On our last day of our L.A. trip we met up with Jessica in Culver City for a tour of her neighborhood. We started out driving by the Sony Pictures studio. There was a thrift store around the corner I wanted to stop at:

Here we are at the thrift store:

Andrew always talks about eating at Koo-Koo-Roo restaurants. I thought it was something special, but come to find out it is like a Boston Market (gross):

Heading up to the La Brea Tarpits:

Viewing the Lake Pit:

I just can't believe this place is in the middle of town:

Going in for some history lessons:

Andrew feeding Blake to the wooly mammoth:

Oh good, they are safe:

Time to measure up:

I love how they have so many examples of one type of bone:

Jessica introduced us to taco truck lane. Andrew and Ellen went to the Green taco truck for organic food and Jessica and I got breakfast burritos:

A trip to the Los Angeles Farmer's Market:

Driving back to Jessica's:

Rodeo drive. I loved the handbags in bird cages:

Goodbye L.A.:

We are packing up and about to hit the road. Time to get back to the real world.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Break Day

We needed to slow our pace down so we headed into Balboa Island for a morning stroll.

At the ferry (a six minute walk from our condo):

Waiting for departure:

Our ride. The ferry takes three cars at a time and a limited number of passengers. There are always parents with kids on bikes or in strollers going back and forth. It is $2 for auto and driver plus $1 for passengers. I think we paid $3 for being pedestrians:

Once on the island we walked down the Main Canal to Main street where there was plenty of window shopping to lightly entertain us:

I stopped at the fire department to ask a question regarding second story safety ladders. They emphasized how smoke detectors are the main element to protecting yourself in the event of a fire. They recommended putting one in every room (minus bathrooms/kitchens). Blake enjoyed talking with the fireman and received a souvenir fire hat:

What a great sign:

On the ferry home:

We decided to stop for a Balboa bar and hit the arcade for a family portrait in the photo booth. I got caught enjoying the Balboa bar:

I hope this is the only military training Blake receives:

I interpret this as "don't skate like a surfer":

Ellen finished her consulting appointments and met up with us for a trip to the beach. We went to the Newport Beach pier and enjoyed the calm waves:

Blake still ran around like a crazy guy even though the weather has turned a bit chilly:

We saw a Korean film crew filming a pilot for a Korean sitcom. They had been on Balboa island in the morning and were at Newport beach by the evening. I guess it was a long day for them because the director? was super cranky when I walked by them and was yelling at the cast. Got to love the entertainment industry:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Home Town Tour

Andrew gave us a "more than full" tour of Yorba Linda yesterday. We started in Irvine and drove by the house that Andrew was born in, literally. He was a home birth baby and this is where the magic happened:

The road signs to prove it:

We then made our way to Yorba Linda for a neighborhood tour. Here is the house Andrew grew up in from 1st-12th grades. I loved the neighborhood because tons of the neighbors had 1/2 acre plots and lots of horses. I would move there in a second if I could:

1st, 2nd, 3rd grade elementary school:

Once someone diagnosed Andrew with being smart, he switched over to the GATE program at another elementary school:

We drove to Andrew's middle school and let Blake play around the adjacent playground. Here is a video of Blake playing on his truck (best $10 we ever spent):

Unfortunately, when Blake was sitting still on his truck a little girl on a bike ran head on into him. He flew over the steering wheel and hit his head on the cement. When I ran over his head had a small split in it that just opened up like a hole. It didn't bleed as much as I thought, but it sure did widen enough to make me think we might need a stitch to close it up. So we ended up getting a tour of the ER where Andrew got stitches as a kid. The doctor said he could stitch it, but he didn't want to risk leaving railroad track scars so we went home with some taping and instructions to keep the wound dry for 24 hours. I was really happy he didn't need stitches, but at the same time I wish I could have faced that fear I worry about all the time. At least now I know how the ER works and it hopefully won't be that scary for me the next time he really does need stitches.

Blake thought it was cool to be that close to real ambulances:

He was such a good sport:

After being in the ER for over an hour we did a drive by tour of Andrew's high school. We ate terrible food at a nostalgic restaurant and were too pooped to attempt anymore fun so we drove back to the condo:

This morning Blake is doing great and seems to not even know anything happened. His hair is gross and I can't wait to give him a bath tonight. We are staying local so we can meet up with Ellen and Jessica after lunch. Tomorrow, we might hit the La Brea Tar Pits and do some fabric shopping at Mood (from the show Project Runway).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Living L.A. Style

I love L.A.! Would I love it in the summer? Would I love it if I really lived here? Who knows, but today I am a fan and think it is a great place to be. Andrew is showing me the ins and outs of Orange County and I am trying to help him branch out and see the rest of L.A. I know nothing about L.A. and have only visited Disneyland as a kid, but I have big plans for us to explore all corners. Let me begin from the beginning...

Here we are at a rest stop on the way down to L.A. I bought Blake a 25 cent mustache from a vending machine to add to the moment:

We are staying on the Balboa peninsula and I can't believe I don't have any pictures. Down the street from our condo is an adorable Fun Zone where Blake rode the ferris wheel for the first time. I will take pictures and post them later.

On Valentine's Day, we met up with Andrew's cousin John and his wife Michelle in Santa Monica. They showed us the 3rd Street Promenade and then we headed down to the Santa Monica Boardwalk.

On the side of a building before lunch:

On the carousel:

Down at the beach (we didn't brave the pier because there were so many people):

The next day we met up with our friend Megana who showed us around Sierra Madre (her home town). We started at the L.A. County Arboretum so George, Turtle, Eloise (Megana's childhood friend's daughter), and Blake could hang out and explore the world freely. Blake loved feeding the ducks bread.

George and Turtle feeding the ducks:

Eloise at snack time:

Blake enjoying some pretend nature:

Two pregnant ladies pushing their kids back to the car after a fun day at the arboretum:

Megana took us downtown for some lunch. Blake saw the walk of fame in front of the Sierra Madre Playhouse. Not so different from Hollywood Blvd.!:

Andrew took us to the Huntington Beach Pier to show us where he used to surf as a kid. We are in front of a surf shop:

Andrew's old stomping grounds:

Yesterday, we needed a break from sightseeing and spent the morning at Corona Del Mar. Andrew has fond memories of going to this beach with his mom and sister during the summers so we tried to recreate that scene with Blake. Andrew couldn't believe how small it felt as an adult and his favorite climbing spot has been filled in. Let the beach lessons begin.

Blake running the whole length of the beach making happy squeals the entire time:

Andrew teaching Blake how to brave the waves. It was a nice 70 degrees out:

Time to boogie board:

Head on in boys:

Andrew needed some alone time in the waves:

Blake standing next to a whale, er his mother:

I had to have Andrew drive me down to Laguna Beach to see where Laguna Beach and the Hills were filmed. I was thoroughly disappointed and didn't expect normal people walking around. I wanted the super rich, snobby fashion scene I have been watching religiously on MTV for years now. I guess what you see in movies doesn't happen 24/7 in L.A. How sad.

I was one with this sign:

Surf shops are so fun. This board is a skateboard:

Time to rest for a few minutes before Blake wakes up. We are off to Irvine to see the house where Andrew was born and then head into Yorba Linda to get the tour of where he grew up. Enjoy your winter weather while I soak up some sun.