Monday, December 20, 2004

Our one and only holiday party!

Andrew and I did not get invited to any holiday parties this year, but Teenie got invited to one! Teenie is part of a dachshund club in the Tri-Valley area and always gets invited to fun events. LuLu got an invitation too since she has half-sister doxie blood now! We met at one of the member's houses in San Ramon and partied like animals. There was great food, doggie activities, and lots and lots of dog treats.

Here are the pics:
The party started inside where toys were being handed out like gifts.

We migrated outside for a game of "bobbing for hot dogs." LuLu was the only dog who put all fours in the water bucket! That'a girl.

More hot dog chaos.

There were about 12 doxies total who came to the party. Yes, the white one is purebred.

I am really surprised both our dogs didn't get sick considering LuLu ate about 4 hot dogs and Teenie ate her fair share of doggie treats.

P.S. Teenie chased the homeowner's cat under the deck and got into a huge fight. Teenie got cut up pretty bad on her ear and head. I thought she would learn, but it only made her more aggressive towards the cat. I guess we aren't the best guests!

Happy Doxie Holidays!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

DiscoBay Christmas Parade

Last weekend was Discovery Bay's water parade. The yacht club's memebers put on a water parade where they decorated their yachts with Christmas lights. It was very fun and too bad we don't belong to the club because the after party sounded mighty wild! They set off fireworks which sent LuLu into a two hour panic attack!

Aden's family joined us in watching the parade. Now Aden says, "Teenie, LuLu, Mom, Dad, Nanny, boat, Santa, dance." Then Aden says, "Santa crazy" and throws his arms around while hissing to display how Santa went crazy dancing on the boats! Sometimes Andrew is thrown into the story too!

P.S. The dragon on the "castle" yacht actually blew out smoke!

Christmas Time Around DiscoBay

Here is our Christmas tree (I will fix the leaning star at the top today)!

Here is our mantle. The wreath is from my Nana and Grandpa (thanks again).

Aden's family came over last weekend for dinner. He helped me open their housewarming gift.

Aden's family gave us this beautiful wreath. We moved the wreath down a few inches (good try honey) to cover the peep hole. We are the only house for blocks that doesn't have Christmas lights up. Next year.

Sunday, December 5, 2004

Costume Carnival

Every semester at Jessica's school they throw a costume carnival. The school pays a bunch of models to model for a day according to some theme, and all of the students get to draw and photograph the models and just practice their

I got to tag along, and had a blast. I can't wait for the next time, as its rare that you get to spend 20 minutes working on one shot with the model not moving (or complaining!)

The theme this year was Rock and Roll, and it turned out really well. I didn't spend much time in the Elvis or Madonna rooms; rather I focused on the big room with 4 models going at once. A little more action :)

I put a few of the pictures I took on this story, and you can see the rest over here:

(Post a comment if you can't view the gallery, I'm trying out a new format for it.)





Wednesday, December 1, 2004

'Tis the Season


This is my favorite month and I am beaming with holiday cheer (all you Bah Humbugs better run now). Andrew and I stopped by a Christmas Tree farm in Merced on our way home from Andrew's parent's house. We could pick any tree for $25. What a deal! I chose our tree based strictly on height alone. It may have some big gaps, but man is she tall!