Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reade (One Month)

Reade - 1 Month Old

Here is the first picture in what I hope to become Reade's monthly picture series.

At 1 Month I:
* squawk like a pterodactyl
* nurse all the time
* sleep for 2 hours max at a time
* spent five days in the NICU
* have reddish hair
* have a perfect belly button
* can hold my head up for a few seconds
* make my mom think I am a sweet person
* have a perfect, round head
* so far look as if I am going to get daddy's fingers and toes


Unknown said...

I don't think he like birthdays either. He's like his aunt Shirley in that way. You're the bestest mummy and daddy.

Steph said...

So cute! And such a great idea :) I'm sure he will love seeing that one day.