Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reade's New Quilt

Reade recieved a package today. We opened it up to find a beautiful quilt from Aunt Shirley. It is sports themed and will fit in nicely with all the physical activity going on around here. The blocks are fantastic and both Reade and Blake love to explore the different fabrics.

Living it up on the quilt:

Blake picking out his favorite print:

Here is a video of the back of the quilt:

We love you Aunt Shirley. You are the best!


sls said...

That's a nice quilt. I wish I had an Aunt Shirley.

Unknown said...

Oh, that is so cute. That's exactly why I made it. I'm so glad you love it. I hope it keeps your bootie warm on those cold stadium benches you'll be sitting on year after year. I don't make little baby quilts because I want you to actually use it and ware it out. Now 3 more to go and I'll have caught up with all you baby makers. I love you four to.

gloria scott said...

Love the quilt!
Aunt G