Friday, May 28, 2010

Fascinated By Fascinators

Who knew about these fantastic little hats? They are called fascinators and are usually worn to horse races. Andrew's sister had me try one of hers on before she left for Australia, but I thought it was a weird, little Robin Hood hat. Now I know how stylish she really is.

Here are people at the Melbourne Cup (fascinator on the right):

I might just wear this jellyfish looking one to my next fancy event:

Found here

Andrew's sister Jessica wearing my favorite fascinator in Australia:

She just got this new one:

Too bad Reade isn't a girl or we would have a fascinator first birthday party.


Unknown said...

I am so glad you like them Shannon! If you send me a picture of an outfit or at least the colors, I will try to pick up a reasonably priced facinator for you! :)
(AND Australia's dollar tanked, so you get a 20% discount. Yay for you! boo for me.)

Megana said...

aaaaaah so that's what they're called. I saw Prince William's g'friend wearing them and thought she kinda looked dumb in them because her hair was long and straight and there was this thing just plopped on there randomly. Need shorter hair or hair pulled back to make it work, don't you think? Jessica wears it much better than her!