Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Traveling in NYC

I'm in New York this week (6/10 through 6/16) for work, and have been having a blast. I'm staying in the Google apartment, and working at the Google office in Chelsea (at least I think thats the name of the area).

I'm here to work with some teams based here, and generally just hang around, but how much work can you really get done with all there is t do here? ;-)

So far I've been to an irish pub, a steakhouse, times square, and a tiny pizza place. I went to Times Square last night after a couple co-workers and I went to a steakhouse. I got to Times Square at about 11:15 pm, and it was still super busy. People everywhere, lights flashing, it was amazing. I spent about an hour just hanging out looking at the lights and taking photos.

The Google apartment that I'm staying in is great. 2bdr, 2 bath, a kitchen, living room, Direct TV, and internet access. That is all great stuff, but all I do is sleep there since I'm online all day at work and off doing things at night.

Tonight I plan to go to the top of the Empire State building (open till 2am) and take some photos of the city. They don't allow tripods though so I'll have to get a little creative to take the shots.

Well, looks like a Drum Band is starting up outside, so I better wrap this up, put on some headphones, and get some work done.

Oh yeah, pictures. (You can see all of them here:

The apartment


The view from my building (not my window though)

Three photos from Times Square



Thursday, June 7, 2007

Work Out

This morning Bear helped me do my exercise ball workout dvd. I would be flat on the ground with the ball over my head and Bear and Teenie kept dropping toys on me to get me to play with them. By the end of the dvd the dogs were doing "downward dog" positions and loving it.

Bear has been to the dog park two days in a row now. On Saturday, Teenie, LuLu, Bear, and Barley will be meeting up at the dog park at 2pm in Dublin and then we are all going to BBQ back at the Ballands'.

It is going to be tough to give this doggy back!


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Baby Bear

We are pet sitting for our friends this week so Teenie and LuLu love their new roomate Bear. Bear wanted to go to the library today so of course we obliged. He loves to read. We love to read to him.

Teenie has finally given up on trying to constantly dangle from his mouth. The poor guy was not amused, but all is well now.

More of Bear to follow.

Bear At the Library.jpg