Sunday, August 30, 2009

Couldn't Resist

First guitar lesson (4 Weeks):

Second guitar lesson (17 months):

Stanford Sunday

This weekend was hot. Too hot for my liking. Thank goodness today was cooler than Saturday. We got Andrew some new running shoes and decided to turn into the Stanford campus to let Blake run around for a bit before bedtime. We poked around the Rodin sculpture garden (I have been wanting to see this for some time) and enjoyed the nice weather.

A tiny version of the Thinker atop a huge sculpture:

She looks so tired:

Our family, sculpture style:

On the campus:

Blake seeming kind of tiny:

Exactly what I have been thinking about studying (ha!):

Andrew then drove us up to Skyline to show me where he bikes. I got sick to my stomach thinking of how hard he must work to get all the way to the top. As hard as I try, I still do not see the "fun" in riding a bike 15 miles straight up a hill only to turn back around and ride 15 miles back home. I am proud of you Andrew, but confused all the same. Here is what Andrew sees at the top. The ocean to the right (without clouds):

And the peninsula to the left:

We shaved LuLu this weekend and she looks like a skinny goat. Blake had his second guitar lesson from Andrew so I may post some videos back to back for effect. Time to shower and face the fact that it is Monday tomorrow. Can you say laundry?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Walter's Obituary

The service will actually be on Friday, September 4th. We look forward to seeing the whole family clan.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tried Something New

I tried something new today. Falafel! I was so scared, but I actually loved it. Blake enjoyed it too. Forget that tahini dipping sauce though. This drive up restaurant is quite appreciated in the San Jose area so it was good to be part of the in crowd.

This lamp took my breath away when I first saw it at an antique shop. There is something so pleasing about it. Maybe Andrew will comment and let me know how he would react if he came home to find this dangling in our house.

Dusty Camera

I warned Andrew a post like this may happen.
I miss my husband's photography.
I know he is busy training for a triathlon, working hard, and brewing beer.
My blog posts would be so much better if I wasn't the one taking the pictures.
Oh, well.
Maybe he will be inspired sometime soon.

*this all stems from the fact I picked up his Nikon D-70 and had no idea what I was doing

Del Valle

May Day

Beach Patrol

Allen at his grad party

Monday, August 24, 2009

Heaven and Earth

This morning, Walter passed away and left this world with many fond memories. He will be truly missed and we are thankful that his body, mind, and soul are at peace. Blake Walter Hurst will hopefully follow in Walt's footsteps and live a strong life led with a kind heart.

You will always be with us.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Free In The Street

I love summer evenings where we have to put on a sweater over our short sleeves and shorts. Here is Blake racing around our cul-de-sac on his truck.

P.S. The title photo is of Andrew surfing.

Berkeley Saturday

We woke up this morning planning on driving to the beach. All of us were too lazy to decide on exactly which beach we should visit so we opted for some city strolling. I suggested Berkeley. Next thing I knew, Andrew had picked out exactly what pub we would eat lunch at. Off we went.

Old city, new beer to try:

New parks to play at:

New peace walls to discover:

New textures to touch:

New trees to climb:


I am now on the hunt for vintage pillow cases to make quilts out of. I picked up my first funky pillow case at a Berkeley thrift store. Fun and relaxing day.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Fridays are storytime at the local library. This was Blake's first storytime and he had a great time. He wanted to pull the hair of the woman in front of us, but he did a great job regulating himself.

He loved the mobiles:

Best part of storytime are the stamps at the end:

I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of the books. Next time.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Night Cap

My gym night routine goes as follows:
1. Go to gym
2. Get creeped out by this one guy
3. Think about how I need to get Blake used to the gym daycare so I can work out in the mornings
4. Push stop on the machine
5. Drive home thankful I am not at the gym
6. Smile when I walk through my front door, for I can finally relax
7. Eat a bowl of cereal
8. Peruse through some favorite blogs

Well, tonight I was checking out (Andrew calls it decorator porn) and came across a picture of a kitchen. I have been fawning over subway tiles for quite some time now and swear up and down that would be my choice if I ever get to remodel a kitchen, no matter what year it is. So I was surprised when I saw this picture and said, "That is exactly the kitchen I have always wanted." This is so weird because (A) it is not subway tiles, and (B) it reminds me of my parent's kitchen. My parents have brick around the oven and microwave and I never really thought about it until this moment. It is good to know I have such fond memories of their kitchen. Maybe I will never branch out from my upbringing, but a girl can dream right?

Photo from:


I started this quilt with my friend's baby in mind, but it morphed into a gift for another friend's daughter. Funny how things work out that way. So here is the scrap quilt I made with remnants and pieces picked up from here and there. I like that the orange/brown barn fabric is left over from a project made for my NY friends, the backing and edging came from Oakhurst, and I picked up the yarn, used to tie the quilt, when we were in Venice. I will call it the travel quilt and I hope it inspires little Livia to explore the world.

Up close. I used my serger to gather the fabric so it would be a bit more feminine. It was super fun and super easy.

I am loving the cooler weather out here. Maybe this is my favorite time of year when summer seems like it is slipping away. Good riddance. Bring on the rain.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I downloaded a free baby dress pattern off the internet the other day. They warned it was super tiny and they were right. I am going to extend the arm ties or figure out a non-button closure for them. I would also make the skirt a bit longer.

The pattern is from:

Aunt Shirley found this apron and picked it up for me. The drawstrings were cut off so I get to re-purpose this into a baby dress for Erin's baby. I have to make it a bit bigger because Holly is due in December and I want this to be a summer dress. Ah, the possibilities.

Blake and I are off to our monthly midwife mother's group. I love this group because I come home a bit more centered. My midwife does a great job of creating a place in the community where women can come together and celebrate the greatness of motherhood.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


We are back from Oakhurst and all I can think of is Walter. The whole time we were there he kept cracking jokes making all of us erupt in laughter. He said he has pain on top of pain, yet he can make the room smile. He wanted so much to be part of everything and insisted on being near the action. I will never be as strong as he is, but I can sure try to pull from his strength during these tough times. I broke down in tears this evening when I had to say goodbye to the family. It is hard to watch pain consume a great individual, but deep down I know that being strong doesn't end at times of weakness. He has taught many the definition of strength and this weekend taught me he is still going strong.

Right before lunch:

We tried to keep Blake up so he would sleep in the car. He fell asleep 20 minutes before we hit the road. Here he is taking a ten minute nap in the back bedroom after I changed his diaper. He ate lunch in the car and then fell asleep for the rest of the ride (thank goodness):

After taking a break from swimming, Blake made motions like he wanted to get back into the pool. Instead of asking for help he decided to jump into the pool all by himself. We were amazed that he jumps into the pool, kicks his feet on command, and blows bubbles under water. Made to swim?

Here is the video that didn't upload correctly from my previous post. This is from when my parents were in town:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Living Life

We are in Oakhurst spending time with Andrew's grandfather and parents. Ellen is doing such a good job of helping Walter through the pain. His spirits are up, but the pain medication definitely sends him to a different place. Although it is not his typical self, I can only hope this other place is one of healing and self-reflection for him. Here are some pictures from the farm. Blake is having a great time running around like a crazy guy.

Blake's favorite fountain:

Going with dad to pick some hops:

Time to harvest and dry for future beer:

Two apple trees are weighed down with good fruit:

Nothing like fresh apples:

Sparky joins in the fun:

Swim equipment taking a break:

Can you say pickles?


Happy cucumbers:

Cute ladies making pickles:

The kids play video games while the farmers are busy:

Mia made this for her grandmother a while ago:

Stupid Teenie always chases the cats down the hill. She came back with burs and ticks, damn dog:

Blake waits to help with Great Grandpa:

Nick (white jersey and red helmet) is playing football now. We just got back from his scrimmage match:

Future coaches?

Sandy - Top Mom Coach:

I am off to go antiquing in Coarsegold for a small break from chasing my kid around this great farm. Hopefully I can share goodies on the next post.