Thursday, August 11, 2005

Another Great Tahoe Trip

Once again, the Burton's headed up to south Lake Tahoe for their yearly summer vacation. Andrew and I drove up on Friday night to spend the weekend with them. We ate great food and enjoyed everyone's company. Teenie and LuLu even jumped in the lake with us for a refreshing swim. The water was actually the warmest I have ever felt it. Thanks Mom and Dad for creating great memories for us. Also, the canoe was out of commission this year so my father and I didn't get to take our annual morning canoe trips.

Here are some pics:

The gang (from left to right): Tom, Melinda and Snickers, Kristen, Lisa, her boyfriend Carl, Andrew and myself + the doggies


Teenie and LuLu tied up on the deck

Our pier

Gerri and baby James

Lisa and Carl playing the guitar

Lisa and Teenie loving one another