Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Day Down

This morning the pediatrician gave me great news that makes me see a light at the end of this tunnel. She talked with the neonatologist and they agreed that once Reade's respiration stabilizes he is old enough to continue his antibiotics at home. Instead of him getting them through an IV he would take them orally. I was so happy to hear this and even though plans can change in the blink of an eye I am still going to hope for this scenario.

Reade's cough is more bark-like today, but his color is great. He is so much more alert and responsive. His new cooing noises melt my heart and it is so fun that he will be a one month old on Saturday. They did a few more swab tests today to rule out a few more things on their checklist. His IV worked its way out of his arm so they changed it to his right arm. Poor guy, but I guess that is very common with IVs. Yuck! I hate those things. They still say he has a lot of gunk coming out when they suction his tiny nose and still hear a lot of crackling in his lungs. All we can do is be patient while Reade's body fights off this icky cold/pneumonia.

Here is a video of Grammie hanging out with Reade:


Anne said...

Adorable Reade!!!.....and Adorable Grammie!!! So happy to see things improving --- Love to all.

Skyla said...

I can't believe how strong he is! So cute!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the updates and having a video sure makes you feel like your in on the know. I was wondering it looks like he's got a little hospital gown just like big peoples. -_-