Monday, May 24, 2010

I Knew This Would Happen

I warned Andrew this might happen. I am in hyper drive regarding Reade and his health. Yesterday, he slept all day and didn't feed well in the evening. Then he started crying inconsolably for an hour starting at 8pm. I called the advice nurse and because of his distressed cry and the decreased appetite she said I should take him to the emergency room. So from 10pm until midnight Reade found himself back under surveillance. The ER doctor said Reade was just fine after he took chest x-rays and checked him over. I was very happy everything was alright and I was just a paranoid parent. I promise to leave Reade alone now and let him become the strong kid I know he is. I will also go easy on my husband since peace of mind now comes with hefty insurance bills (well worth it I know). So all is calm on the western front and Reade is a happy clam.

When I stop worrying about one child, the next child creates whole new scenarios. Blake is exploring every inch of the world and his body right now. He sticks everything (and I mean everything) in places it maybe shouldn't go. This one is tame enough to blog about:


Unknown said...

Just think if someone else was taking care you'd miss all the excitement. And just wonder why your stereo was broke.

Megana said...

OH MY GOD i love that the last shot is him sticking his finger in the baby's EAR!!!!! are those turtle's pants?

Shannon said...

I bought those pants from Crazy8. Danika got me hooked on that brand. And Andrew wonders why I "downgraded" all of our furniture/stuff. I know what the kids will do to it!

gloria scott said...

He looks soooo healthy, but
you can't be to careful in my
humble opinion.
Aunt G