Tuesday, September 5, 2006

State Fair

Shannon and I went to the state fair this past weekend with Tom, and we met her sister Amy and her boyfriend there, as well as a couple other friends.

It was our first time to a demolition derby, and it was AWESOME! I'm almost embarrased to admit how fun it was.

I've put a few photos below, but for the full album check out: http://picasaweb.google.com/hurstdog/StateFair

One of the cars caught on fire:

We're going to buy this station wagon when we have kids:

One of the rides to make you puke:

And of course the ferris wheel:

Yummy things!

Here are some yummy things:

My new Kitchenaid Ice Cream attachment:

The 4th of July cake I made:

Jake (our 5 year old neighbor) wanted a Cars the movie cake:

Gracie (Jake's sister) got a birthday cake too, but it wasn't that pretty and I felt really bad for giving her such a lame birthday cake. There is always next year:

Andrew and I found a great cake decorating store in Stockton. The couple has been baking cakes professionally for 12 years now. She was very helpful and I wish I could take her classes, but she has 80 people on the waiting list.

Kyle Turned 1

I realized I haven't posted any pictures from Kyle's 1st birthday party. He is such a great guy and has such a personality now. The tattoos on his arm are from the public library. Both Aden and Kyle read 50 books this summer so they got their name up on the board at the library and got free tattoos.

Kyle in his new fishing pool:

Kyle receiving a birthday kiss from his friend Devon:

Big brother Aden and Devon's big sister Ainsley having fun in the whale pool:

Kyle getting ready for his first birthday cake:

Kids being kids:

Kyle trying his birthday cake:

Kyle upset at everyone cheering for him:

Opening gifts:

All the Dads wearing funny hats:

I can't believe Kyle is 1 already. He isn't walking yet, but when he does...Look Out!