Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cleaning Things Up

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. That seems to be the theme around here. Reade had his first bath the other day. He seems to require a wipe down every morning, but today he required two. He is getting quite skilled at soiling his whole diaper changing station in the few seconds his diaper is off. You would think I would learn to move fast enough.

Ah, a relaxing sink bath:

Lots of diapers to clean:

Andrew built us a veggie garden where sun actually shines. I gave him the okay to rip out a daisy plant and two, small jasmines that weren't growing anyway. It will be great to watch a garden grow since mine never have a high success rate:

Does anyone know how to heal severely chapped hands? My skin does not look like it will survive all these hand washes. I use Aquaphor, but that too gets washed off.


Megana said...

best thing i know for chapped hands is Bag Balm and then put cotton gloves on. love the container gardening, that'll be fun. maybe i can come and help plant and live vicariously thru your little plot. :)

Danika said...

I second the bag balm - my sister would do that overnight with gloves and that was the only thing that would knock out her super chapped hands.

Shannon said...

So by saying overnight do you guys mean the midnight to 2am sleeping shift or the 5am-7am shift?

Miranda said...

Us RNs use Gold Bond, works great! Also a special medicated soap that doesnt dry hands out as much, I am not sure what its called but I can find out for you. Let me know! Congrats on baby!