Monday, April 26, 2010

We visited the OB today and I have good news to report. Between the nurse practitioner and Dr. Rydfors we learned that the high blood pressure is probably directly linked to the pregnancy because I don't have a history of high blood pressure. My reflexes were still a bit brisk so they are having me continue the blood pressure medicine for the next four and a half weeks until we reassess at the six week, postpartum check up. He said my headaches and blurry spots should get better in those four weeks (I hope, I hope). The nurse practitioner got out her breastfeeding reference book so we could see if there were any major problems with the meds transferring into my breast milk. The book said there have not been any studies on the long term effects of this medication, but that the low doses in the breast milk are fine for infants. That is enough for me to ignore the issue and keep plodding on.

The OB didn't give an answer as to why this might have happened because there doesn't seem to be any solid explanation at this point. He said it was a bit uncommon in a second pregnancy. This lead me to ask if I could go on to have more children. He replied yes, but I would probably have to take it really easy at the end of the pregnancy. That was better news than I had expected. I also got the okay to function at full speed (okay, new baby speed). That is even better news because I can now start cloth diapers with Reade and not get in trouble for adding more loads of laundry into our daily routine. I am off to research blood pressure cuffs because my OB would like me to have one at home to monitor myself in case my numbers start creeping up. I always find it funny when people recommend buying certain items like this at Costco because I never would have looked there first.

Now, if only my baby would wake up during the day so we could go out and run errands. Too bad Costco isn't open at 2:25am!

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