Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rainy Day Sunday

This rain is so great. It seems to shimmer when it comes down because it is so fine, but there is tons of it. My human baby may not be out yet, but I have two new babies to add to my garden. I inherited two staghorn ferns that I love, love, love. When the rain stops, Andrew will have the fun job of hanging them on our back fence so I can see them out my kitchen window. I am quite attached to them already so I pray I water them enough to keep them alive:

What do you do with a child and husband when it is raining? Why, you unleash them at a place called the Jungle in San Jose for an hour or so:

They reminded me of hamsters when they were climbing through the tubes:

I called the Jungle before we left to ask about pricing, etc. and this is what the teenage boy said (imagine the most monotone voice you have ever heard) as he answered, "We are going bananas over here at the Jungle, how may I help you." It cracked me up.

Video footage of the madness:

Baby update: I slept all the way through the night last night and the baby has been super quiet today. A sign? Who knows. Lots of pre-labor feelings though without contractions.

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