Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Testing, Building Up, or Just Plain Teasing

Was it the Hawaiian BBQ dinner? We met up with friends at Hukilau in San Jose last night to celebrate Casey's birthday. Andrew and I decided to get a sitter so we could have a date night out before baby comes. It was nice to gather with friends and not have to worry about our son squirming around or throwing restaurant fits. Peter guessed the baby would arrive last night so I was ready to call him at midnight when strong contractions set in. They only lasted for an hour or so, but they were the strongest so far. I went back to bed, but still haven't gotten rid of this achy abdomen feeling. It is a cross between nausea and that feeling before a contraction comes on. I have had a few contractions this morning, but nothing lasting. Maybe Danika will win since she said the baby would come today?

Here is Casey blowing out his candle:

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