Monday, April 5, 2010

Going To Pick Up The Pace

Okay, the lazy weekend is over. It is Monday and we are going to pick up the pace and start living again. I had contractions again last night that lasted from 8pm until around 10pm. I was up at 4am feeling like they were going to come back, but they never did. After researching false labor, I realized it is time to go back to treating life like it is any other day. No more waiting around. We walked and walked this weekend hoping to shimmy the baby out of me, but I think he is going to come out when he is good and ready. I am planning on heading back to the gym tomorrow to walk on the treadmill for a short while. Don't worry, I won't overdo it and I won't go far!

Daddy naps:

I just finished writing this post and let everyone know my lab work came back just fine. Rosanna called this morning worrying about some e-coli levels so it might look like I have a UTI that is common in pregnancy. I feel nothing, but I have to call my OB to see if they recommend antibiotics. Hope it isn't too much information for you!

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