Sunday, April 18, 2010

One Day Old

It has been 24 hours since baby Hurst came into this world. I love his little body and the way he looks around. He resembles Blake, but looks a lot more like Andrew as a baby. He has the roundest head and the fattest neck. He gets three chins when he is nursing. I am breast feeding him every two hours and we seem to be a good team. Andrew is the best daddy and takes him to all of his "appointments" with the nurses. They just went off to get his baby screening test done. I wish I could send everyone a whiff of his adorable baby smell through the computer (it is heaven).

I cannot say enough great things about the nursing staff here. Labor and Delivery nurses deserve to make a million dollars a year. They are so hardworking and never seem to mind running errands us needy moms keep requesting. The hospital is unusually busy so we got moved out of our private room into a double room they rarely use. That was hard because their baby would cry at different times so lights were always being turned off and on throughout the night. Sharing a bathroom isn't that fun either, but it was only for a day so I can't complain. I am still thankful I got to deliver in my own room!

Everyone let us know their true feelings about naming him Chip so we went back to the drawing board this morning. Baby was born on my Nana's birthday so I really wanted to honor her in baby's name. We thought about using her initials and naming him Kab Wright Hurst. I ran it by her and she voted for Reade (she liked spelling it Reid, but we all know I like to spell names in crazy ways) over Kab. Her genes produced my red-headed father and she is excellent at reading and writing so we are going to go with Reade. So we will be naming baby Reade Wright Hurst meaning red-haired carpenter in Scottish. Andrew loves the fact that read/write is a computer term so he gets a tech baby too. They are letting us head home in a matter of hours so it will be nice to get home. I really don't like being crammed in this little room and I am itching to get back to Blake.

Here I am with my baby monkey after a feeding. I hope you can see the reddish tint to his hair. I think it will turn blonde like Blake's hair, but it is so fun to have while it lasts. My birth story will follow in a couple of days when I can sit comfortably at the computer and think things through. Much love from labor land.


Caroline said...

Whatever his name is, he's just precious! Glad you had a good experience and get to take him home shortly, even if he does have to be under the bili lights. My hospital is super busy too. We only have one or two postpartum rooms that share and those are rarely used, but I think they're occupied right now. Don't know what it is about April babies!

Congrats again! Don't do too much blogging, go get some rest!

sls said...

We've all been waiting for the good news! Congrats and glad to hear that Mom and baby are doing well.