Thursday, April 22, 2010

Life Here

Everyone said the first day home from the hospital would be the hardest, but I would have say these past few days have been kind of hard for me. Ninety percent of the cells in my body have been redirected to tend to Reade's needs and I can't help but feel like I am neglecting Blake. The newness will merge into a daily routine soon, but man does life change the second baby is brought home. I am remembering to let my worries float through my brain and out my ears or mouth in deep breaths. All I really have to do is picture us four months from now when Reade will be hanging out on a park blanket while Blake romps around park structures. Okay, now for some snapshots:

Baby bliss:

I go through blankets left and right:

Hello engorgement:

We were able to catch up on an episode of Lost:

Cozies in waiting:

Here is Blake holding Reade for the first time: