Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I usually don't like to use the term cooking for babies in utero, but my pasta lunch made me think about the small one. Nature will tell me how my little pasta squiggle will come out. He could come soon and be al dente like Blake was or he could be soft like how I enjoy pasta.

I started antibiotics last night and set myself into a panic after reading the drug information packet that came with the pills. It said not to take in conjunction with antacids so I have to say goodbye to my trusty Tums bottle. You will be greatly missed! How will I survive? Anyways, the pamphlet said not to take the antibiotics in the last few months of pregnancy and not to go into labor or the baby can come down with blood disorders. I emailed my OB and he said the side effects are drastically exaggerated, but wow did that make me feel like a good mom. Here is your head start baby!

The name Beech is out for now. I tried it on for a few days, but it just doesn't roll off the tongue like I thought it would. I am back to liking Rowdy Wright Hurst. My parent's cabinet houses a Howdy Doody mug that I grew attached to as a kid. It was fun having a father with red hair and freckles who looked 100 times better than that marionette. I like the idea that someday I will get to say Howdy Rowdy to a little, red face that may or may not resemble a Burton. When I look around our house there are small reminders of how much I enjoy the cowboy theme so maybe a little Rowdy is just what we need to add to the collection?

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