Monday, April 12, 2010


We needed one more chair in the family room and I happened to find this on craigslist the other day. It is a bit beat up, but for $20 I couldn't pass it up. It is super springy and fun to sit in. The cushions were covered with a horrible, pastel fabric so I knew I would need to do something about them. I stopped by the thrift store down the street and found a whole set of couch covers in this butter yellow fabric. The best part was they were $9.99 with 30% off. What a deal. I took the covers home, washed them, shrunk them and they fit perfectly. I have spares so I can just throw on a new one if I don't have time to wash them. Ellen suggested dying them in different colors. Oh, the options.

Today, I am not patient about waiting for this baby. I am taking Blake to the library for storytime so I can get my mind off this baby. The baby was super quiet yesterday, but has since woken up last night and continues to wriggle all around. Andrew was playing guitar and made up a song to try to lure him to the outside world. Then he got to the part about Teenie and LuLu being dirty and I told him that might not help.

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