Saturday, April 3, 2010

On Our Own

Ellen and David left this morning so we are on our own. The food was fantastic and the babysitting was top notch. Blake is going to have to adjust to not having play friends at all times. It will be interesting to see if my body goes into full labor mode without an eager audience (not that it was a bad thing at all!).

Last night I had the most intense bout of contractions starting at 7:41pm. They calmed down when we went to bed at 10pm. I had a few contractions at 5am, but nothing that stuck around. I call my midwife once a day to report blood pressure numbers (still normal) and let her know about the contractions. I am feeling good and have jumped right back into cleaning mode. I scrubbed our bathroom from top to bottom and am in laundry heaven (I love that chore). I hope to report more action soon.

Blake pointing out one of the good things in life, chicken pot pie:

We piled into Ellen's van and hit up some great estate sales this morning. Grandma couldn't resist the Lincoln Logs. All we can do is sit around and play:

Okay baby, do your thing!

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Megana said...

YUM to that ckn. pot pie. and FUN to those lincoln logs! excellent find.