Friday, April 2, 2010


Yesterday, I visited my midwife for a routine prenatal visit. There were a few things that I felt were normal, but she wants to look into so I am headed to the lab today for a few tests. Before my Braxton Hicks come on I get migraine like symptoms. This happened with Blake so I am not as concerned as Rosanna is (not doubting her, just trying to remain calm). She checked my blood pressure right after she handed me the lab slip (those who know me know how much I LOVE getting my blood drawn) so my numbers were higher than she would have liked. She sent me home with a wrist cuff to periodically check my blood pressure and I am happy to report the numbers have been low each time I have taken it. She also decided to check my cervix and I am 2-3 centimeters dilated so she went ahead and stripped my membranes to help the labor progress.

I am feeling kind of icky today and am trying hard to ignore the minor sense of urgency around me. Most of it is excitement that the baby may be coming soon, but I also just want to let my body do its thing. I haven't had anymore contractions so we will see what my body does in the next few days. Ellen and David have been such a big help with Blake. They are off for a mini shopping trip while Blake sleeps and my two jobs are to take a shower and nap. I thought I would add blogging into that list too. No need to worry about me, for I really feel like all is progressing the way it should. The baby's heartbeat was strong and he reacted well to Rosanna's mini baby heartbeat tests. She said he has dropped even lower so I can't imagine he has too far to go before popping right out!


Evil Shenanigans said...

I'm pretty much blog-stalking you right now, so all your updates are helpful. ;)

gloria scott said...

Just being my normal worrying self but I know
all will go well. Love you Shannon and hang in there
thinking of you Andy and Blake.
Love Auntie G and Uncle Mike (Boris too)