Saturday, April 10, 2010

In all of this fuss about baby #2, I have overlooked a much needed post. The celebration of my son's second birthday. I can't believe two years have gone by since the birth this special guy. Everyday he brings me such joy. Here are some things I want to write down before I forget them:
1. I love how you are built just like your father.
2. I always said I wanted more of an adventurous child instead of a worry wart like me and boy did I get it. People describe you as "all boy" and it makes me smile each time.
3. I like that you can be the center of attention one moment and then get shy the next.
4. Your coordination has amazed me and I still can't believe how early you started pedaling a tricycle.
5. I am pretty sure you are smart like your daddy since you are better at navigating our town than your mother is!

There are so many other things I love about this kid, but I won't sicken everyone else with the details (that is what baby books were invented for). I can't wait to see what Blake will do in the near/far future. I feel like I am along for the ride with him and he already has his path planned out. I will try not to step in the way! I love you big boy Blake.

Baby #2 update: Nothing new to report. I had one big contraction yesterday when we went to pick up our van from the body shop (we fixed the rust around both windshields). Other than that, the baby is just bumping around in his shrinking space.

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