Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Exhausted

I feel fatigued today. It took two hours to get Reade down to bed last night and I haven't really bounced back. It isn't that he is up crying, but he has a definite digestive routine he has to go through before conking out for the night. First, he has to clear out every system in his body. Next, he has to get the biggest case of hiccups he has ever had. Then, I have to change his diaper so he is dry as a bone. Lastly, he will feed like he has never eaten before and either pass out completely or wait for a burp and then need this whole process repeated. Unfortunately, I had to go through this whole process twice before he succumbed to the sleep Gods.

I should be a nicer person now that I had a two hour nap in the middle of the day.

We went to the nursery today and picked up some flowers. It is a block away so Blake rode in the stroller and Reade passed out in the Beco baby carrier. Carrying a tiny baby around is so much easier than a 20 something pound toddler. The Beco carrier makes me feel so much safer than the sling carriers I had with Blake.

Here is what a toddler does while his mommy vacuums and his father is on the computer:

The table does kind of resemble the chalk board! I love this table more than anything since a simple, damp paper towel is all it took to clean this up. I guess Blake explained to Andrew that the small squiggle at the bottom left is Reade. I kind of thought that was adorable. Now that I am looking at it, there are four distinct shapes. Maybe this is Blake's first attempt at a family portrait. Oh my God, my son is a genius. Why the heck did I clean that off?

Well there it is, our family portrait. Thank you Blake.


Suz and Mark said...

Can I just tell you how much I love your blogs? They are so cute and freakin' witty. Even with a screaming baby to take care of at night, you can still be positive. You are my hero :).

Shannon said...

You are too kind, for I am amazed that any of my blog postings have capital letters and punctuation.

Megana said...


and vacuuming, what the hell!