Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yesterday's midwife group went great and I heard loud and clear that I need to be asking for more help and not try to take everything on myself. Andrew took care of Reade for a couple of hours in the late evening so I could nap. When he climbed into bed I took over baby duty. I thought that extra hour and a half of sleep would pay off, but I am still tired and my patience was gone before I knew it.

First, Blake hit Reade and then put 50 small dents in our bedroom door when I exiled him from the room. He banged on it with a metal spoon and when I opened the door to stop him I couldn't believe the damage he had caused so quickly. Second, Teenie chewed up part of a tree under the coffee table and there are thousands of wood shards all around. Then, Blake wadded up half a roll of toilet paper into the toilet while I was switching over the laundry. I give him credit that he was taking care of business, but I have tried everything to teach him to only rip off three squares of toilet paper. I think I remember some sort of gimmicky thing they sell to teach kids that. At the time, I thought that was stupid, but I may look into it again.

Time to chant: Keep calm, carry on.

The precious times are precious though:

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