Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Room For Baby

I am showcasing two of my pregnant friend's baby rooms today. They were both inspired by trees and are adorable.

My friend Danika is having her baby right as I write this post. I hope the baby is out by now, but I haven't received notice yet. Good job Danika! I am sending so many good wishes your way. Soon enough baby will be the perfect accessory to your wonderful nursery:

Bird in waiting:

My friend Megana is due with another baby girl (that makes three children) at the end of June. They just moved into this house and she whipped up a beautiful nursery:

We found this pie chest at an antique store together. She ended up going back to get it a few weeks later. What a great piece!:

Here is George next to the tree they painted:

Such a cute idea:

Aren't all the babies I know so lucky?

1 comment:

Megana said...

how funny danika and i both have blue bird/tree themed nurseries for our 2nd girls. :) cool.