Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mom Suit

While I wanted this:

Photo Poached From This Blog

I settled for this:

You Too Can Buy It Here

Yes, I bought a mom suit. For heaven's sake just look at the model. I can just hear her saying to herself, "I am 40 and fabulous!" Sometimes you have to settle and move on to worry about other stuff. Now, if only I could find a fun wrap skirt that would take years off my suit.


Danika said...

I think I would settle for pulling off the hat in that first picture :)

Skyla said...

I love the suit in the 1st pic (love yours too) man that is adorable!

sks said...

I'm sorry, but she doesn't look like she's a mom.

Shannon said...

Not enough bulge for a mom. I guess Sears models look a few years older than the young teens in Glamour magazine. I still can't believe how young models look to me now. I am not ready to give up my fashion magazines for Oprah's magazine just yet!

Megana said...

when do we get to wear our suits together?!