Monday, June 21, 2010

Am I Making This Up?

Okay, I can't help but post this email reply on my blog. Am I crazy, or is everyone else insane right now in the world of babysitting?

"Hi - I'm [so and so's] father, responding to you because [so and so] is in college today and would not be able to reply until late. She would be delighted to sit for you - babies are fine - and charges $10/hour."

A college student who can't check/answer her own email? Didn't know they existed!


woz said...


You would rather she be checking her mail and IMs when she's babysitting? Her being a little incommunicado may not necessarily be a bad thing.

Shannon said...

My email was not that important so she could have waited to type it herself. It is just crazy to me how involved parents are in their grown child's life these days.