Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I got a bit more sleep last night so I think today will be better. I am dropping Blake off at the drop-in daycare and heading over to my midwife group to present Reade for the first time. My midwife's practice has monthly meetings for pregnant women and the moms who have had children with Rosanna's assistance. It is a great place for us to share our birth stories and support each other. I haven't been for quite some time now so it will be fun to see new faces and be one myself.

I am glad it has cooled down a bit, but here is a memory of hot days past:

P.S. The babysitter wrote me a huge email saying things like this:

"I just wanted to reassure you that had this been an actual job I would NOT have flaked on you so last minute and left you without care for your children."

-Not an actual job? Hmmm, when you ask for $17/hour I think the interview is actually important too?

"To me it seems you misjudged me and I would have appreciated greater understanding."

-Cancelling last minute and flaking on an interview is not exactly the most professional behavior. Of course I am going to judge you. I am a parent trying to find someone to leave my kids with. Crazy lady.



Caroline said...

Sorry your babysitter search has been so hard! I've found many families to babysit for through Craigslist and have NEVER flaked on a family - how rude! Too bad you weren't looking for a babysitter on CL 3 years ago - you would have found me! Hope you have a great visit at your midwife's group!

Anonymous said...

how lame of her. I know, take her email and post your in-line replies to Craislist Rants and Raves. Maybe it will be posted to best of and she will be infamous as a bad babysitter forever! :D