Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hard Work

I feel fat so I started running today. I never run and usually hate it, but running is convenient and it will give me something to talk about with my triathlon husband. "I don't like being fat" ran through my head the first half of my run. Then it switched to "when did life get so hard" and on the last leg of my run I heard myself saying "yes, life is hard, but you aren't fat, you just want to be healthy." I hope I can stick with this and maybe I need to borrow Andrew's Ipod so I don't have to listen to myself think.

Brand spanking new treads:

Thursday and Friday were great potty training days. Blake has pee'd and pooped on the potty (on his own) with vigor. Today, was a different story because of the weekend schedule. Andrew was brewing beer so Blake took it upon himself to poop on the lawn outside. He tried!

Blake got hold of a pen during one of Reade's diaper changes:

We jumped in the car before dinner and took advantage of the free donuts at Krispy Kreme on Friday.

Last bite:

Does anyone have a favorite type/brand of baby gate for the top of stairs? I want a walk-through type, but am not sure if it is any better than one that swings all the way open. Andrew fell down the stairs about six months ago and busted through our gate downstairs. We moved the top one down to the bottom to keep the dogs from going upstairs, but we will need one upstairs relatively soon now.


Unknown said...

I wouldn't say I fell, it was more of a slide.

The gate at the bottom sure couldn't hold me back though.

Suz and Mark said...

We have the swing out kind, its okay. I wouldn't say I love it but Molly is still alive ... so there you go: