Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Babysit This Child Please

I am so frustrated, tired, and hungry. Most of the blogs I read celebrate the good things in life to give them a break from the bad. Well, I am not going to do that. I am going to use this blog for all my complaints with the hope they will leave me and disappear through the internet, never to return. With that said, here I go:

I want to hire a babysitter. I want to hire a babysitter who won't call five minutes before their interview and say, "I have to run errands. Do you mind if we reschedule?" I found this person on craigslist (yes, this has happened too many times before so I should know better), but I really thought this time it would work out. I wouldn't have cared before, but I spent two hours trying to pick up the house while feeding Blake, nursing the baby, and trying to get the baby to go five minutes without me holding him. So now it was 11am and I had a restless toddler on my hands who has heard "hold on" and "let me just pick this last thing up" all morning so I headed to the park for some needed fresh air. We kicked some balls around and then I just sat down Indian style in the middle of the sidewalk next to Reade's car seat (the child finally fell asleep). There was a group of moms up on a grassy hill and I noticed one of them smiling at me. I think she saw how run down I looked and sympathized. Two of the moms had toddlers and wee ones so being near them comforted me. Reade woke up so I headed to a bench to nurse him and the mother's group started packing up to leave. One of the moms walked by me and in a gentle tone said, "How are you?" I told her I was fine and then before I knew it, my babysitter story popped out of my mouth. Her response was, "A babysitter I was interviewing flaked on me yesterday." Other moms are so great. They can really pick you up when you are feeling down. Instantly, she asked for my email address and typed it into her cell phone. We found out we all live blocks away from each other and then they headed off in the direction of their homes. I don't know if I will ever see them again, but it was nice of them to listen to my woes and go on about their day. It was as if they chipped off a piece of my frustration and left it right there at the park. It is invisible so it won't leave a mark on someone's shoe if they step in it!

Does anyone want to see a video of my youngest falling asleep during tummy time?:


Anonymous said...

Oh, Shannon, I wish I could help :( I'm glad there where some nice moms at the park to take the edge off. I hope you are sleeping as I type this.

Danika said...

opps, that was me :) apparently I should be sleeping too

Shannon said...

No sleeping here! Trying to help the little one go to sleep.