Monday, June 21, 2010

Getting Back

We are back from a long weekend visiting my family in Sacramento. I had a great time showing off Reade to family and friends. I am trying to get back into the swing of things around here, but am moving like a snail slug, as I like to say.

Since my Monday is slow I figured I would torture myself by researching post-baby swimwear. Depressing! Here are my top three as of right now.

From Land's End:

On sale for $66.50


On sale for $49


On sale for $49.99

Wow, mom suits already. Gone are those bikini days. If anyone knows of any other good "control" suits then by all means post them in the comments section.


Unknown said...

Get away from the 'mom suits' and bring on the vintage suits. There is this great store that sells vintage suits in modern fabrics! (you can search for more on google)

You will like this one, get andy to get it for you for your birthday! :)

Unknown said...

Here is the links in a more friendly way:
PinUp Girl Clothing


Nautical Retro Suit

super cute

Shannon said...

I love the suits, but I am pretty sure I don't have the pinup body type!

Unknown said...

Only models do. Honest. I have to wear little boob pads because my waist to hip ratio is right, but according to their measurements, I should have a 36 or 38 inch bust.
Get one sent up, try it out, its a bathing suit. You may be surprised. You have a better body than many women I have seen squeeze into the "so called" pinup dresses. :)

Suz and Mark said...

Dude screw bikinis go for full on speedos. Just look like a hardcore mom who is always training for a triathalon.

Megana said...

i like these styles, i have to say. although it's because i have a vintage Jentzen suit that looks very similar. :)