Saturday, August 1, 2009

Santa Cruz Rough Water Swim 2009

This morning Andrew and his co-worker Warren participated in the Santa Cruz Rough Water Swim. The "true" racers look down on those who wear wetsuits so please forgive Andrew's novice status. The race was a perfect mile swim around the Boardwalk pier. The best time was 16 minutes and Andrew came in around the 23 minute mark. Not bad for a wetsuit wearing swimmer!

Walking towards registration:

This town is so fun to look at:

Warren & Andrew ready to go:



Lifeguards getting briefed:

Life guard boats ready:

Three minute warning:

And they're off:

Starting out:

Around the pier:

The finish line waiting for action:

Here they come:

Getting closer:

How to keep a baby busy while harnessed in a stroller:

First ones out of the water (you might be able to see the sea lion that swam around the finish line the whole time):

Andrew finishing the race:

Warren finishing:

All done!

Blake is so proud of his daddy:


Hurstmom's Blog said...

Great videos and pictures Shannon. I'm proud of you Andrew. Shannon, you and Blake are the BEST cheerleaders!

woz said...

Hey Shannon,

Thanks a million for taking photos and videos again. It was a lot of fun to do this and, of course, good experience for the triathlon in September.

The "of course" is that Andrew and I learnt the same lesson again---going for a warm-up swim would help a lot. Maybe we'll get past that and learn something else for the next event.


Unknown said...

Studs.... both of them!