Friday, July 31, 2009

Finished Friday

Here are some things I am finished with.

Today, I am finished watching what I eat. I made whole wheat muffins with chocolate chips for breakfast:

I finished planting my front planters. The newest addition is bacopa because my mother said she loves it so:

After a long break, I finally got around to finishing a birthday dress for one of the girls I babysit for.

There were some hairy moments because I had to learn how to gather on my serger.

The last thing I am finished with is nursing my son. It has been four days since Blake last nursed and I feel like he has stepped over the "I'm a boy now" threshold and won't be looking back. My body chose this time to wean so I am anxious for my emotions to catch up and accept the fact that most of my days will be spent watching the back of his head instead of him cuddled up next to me. Growing is hard on a mom sometimes:

I am so happy I finished last night. I have been having terrible nightmares these past few days and woke up last night with my pajama bottoms across the room and my underwear on inside out. Yes, that might be too much information, but man was it kind of funny this morning.

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