Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tried Something New

I tried something new today. Falafel! I was so scared, but I actually loved it. Blake enjoyed it too. Forget that tahini dipping sauce though. This drive up restaurant is quite appreciated in the San Jose area so it was good to be part of the in crowd.

This lamp took my breath away when I first saw it at an antique shop. There is something so pleasing about it. Maybe Andrew will comment and let me know how he would react if he came home to find this dangling in our house.


Caroline said...

I love the Falafel Drive In! Did you get a banana shake too? They're delicious!

Shannon said...

I passed on that one. I only do rootbeer shakes.

Megana said...

George drank one for you -- the entire thing by herself by the time we got home, that's how much I was paying attention to what my children were doing. :)