Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nap Time

I can't stand seeing that exercise video (she's nuts) so I am going to post until it disappears off the page. Blake and I had a play date today with some friends who just got home from a month long vacation in NY. The stories she told me about the Brownstone stoop sales had me wishing I had been there. Before we met up with them, I made a dress for their little girl while Blake napped. Again, this pattern is one my Nana used. The fabric came from a child's kimono I picked up at a yard sale the other day (for 50 cents!). So it is now refashioned into a dress. It kind of screamed out fall to me and boy am I in the mood.

I love how Blake is peeking out the window to see what his crazy mama was doing. Don't mind the fact that he has to stand on top of his kid chair to do this.

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