Saturday, August 15, 2009

Living Life

We are in Oakhurst spending time with Andrew's grandfather and parents. Ellen is doing such a good job of helping Walter through the pain. His spirits are up, but the pain medication definitely sends him to a different place. Although it is not his typical self, I can only hope this other place is one of healing and self-reflection for him. Here are some pictures from the farm. Blake is having a great time running around like a crazy guy.

Blake's favorite fountain:

Going with dad to pick some hops:

Time to harvest and dry for future beer:

Two apple trees are weighed down with good fruit:

Nothing like fresh apples:

Sparky joins in the fun:

Swim equipment taking a break:

Can you say pickles?


Happy cucumbers:

Cute ladies making pickles:

The kids play video games while the farmers are busy:

Mia made this for her grandmother a while ago:

Stupid Teenie always chases the cats down the hill. She came back with burs and ticks, damn dog:

Blake waits to help with Great Grandpa:

Nick (white jersey and red helmet) is playing football now. We just got back from his scrimmage match:

Future coaches?

Sandy - Top Mom Coach:

I am off to go antiquing in Coarsegold for a small break from chasing my kid around this great farm. Hopefully I can share goodies on the next post.

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