Friday, August 7, 2009


TGIF. It is 4pm and I am looking forward to the weekend. Today we have: hosted a brunch with neighbors, met with a friend for a play date in the park, napped (I quilted), and watered our garden. I can't believe it is only 4pm! For some reason, that hour before Andrew gets home is hard to get through. I don't want to add another activity in the mix nor will my child allow me to just sit around. Maybe we will walk to the mailbox? My child's favorite activity is to climb up on a small, plastic stool to observe the world of those 36" and taller. Nothing like finding the microwave reprogrammed to defrost 10 pounds of chicken in 45 minutes!

You may not appreciate this as much as I do, but my mandavilla vine has finally bloomed after a near-death drought in our last place.

Okay, I couldn't resist taking this picture while I was writing this post. I removed him, and his trusty stool, from the dangers of the kitchen and this is where he ended up. Good job Blake.

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