Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stanford Sunday

This weekend was hot. Too hot for my liking. Thank goodness today was cooler than Saturday. We got Andrew some new running shoes and decided to turn into the Stanford campus to let Blake run around for a bit before bedtime. We poked around the Rodin sculpture garden (I have been wanting to see this for some time) and enjoyed the nice weather.

A tiny version of the Thinker atop a huge sculpture:

She looks so tired:

Our family, sculpture style:

On the campus:

Blake seeming kind of tiny:

Exactly what I have been thinking about studying (ha!):

Andrew then drove us up to Skyline to show me where he bikes. I got sick to my stomach thinking of how hard he must work to get all the way to the top. As hard as I try, I still do not see the "fun" in riding a bike 15 miles straight up a hill only to turn back around and ride 15 miles back home. I am proud of you Andrew, but confused all the same. Here is what Andrew sees at the top. The ocean to the right (without clouds):

And the peninsula to the left:

We shaved LuLu this weekend and she looks like a skinny goat. Blake had his second guitar lesson from Andrew so I may post some videos back to back for effect. Time to shower and face the fact that it is Monday tomorrow. Can you say laundry?

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