Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I downloaded a free baby dress pattern off the internet the other day. They warned it was super tiny and they were right. I am going to extend the arm ties or figure out a non-button closure for them. I would also make the skirt a bit longer.

The pattern is from:

Aunt Shirley found this apron and picked it up for me. The drawstrings were cut off so I get to re-purpose this into a baby dress for Erin's baby. I have to make it a bit bigger because Holly is due in December and I want this to be a summer dress. Ah, the possibilities.

Blake and I are off to our monthly midwife mother's group. I love this group because I come home a bit more centered. My midwife does a great job of creating a place in the community where women can come together and celebrate the greatness of motherhood.

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