Sunday, August 16, 2009


We are back from Oakhurst and all I can think of is Walter. The whole time we were there he kept cracking jokes making all of us erupt in laughter. He said he has pain on top of pain, yet he can make the room smile. He wanted so much to be part of everything and insisted on being near the action. I will never be as strong as he is, but I can sure try to pull from his strength during these tough times. I broke down in tears this evening when I had to say goodbye to the family. It is hard to watch pain consume a great individual, but deep down I know that being strong doesn't end at times of weakness. He has taught many the definition of strength and this weekend taught me he is still going strong.

Right before lunch:

We tried to keep Blake up so he would sleep in the car. He fell asleep 20 minutes before we hit the road. Here he is taking a ten minute nap in the back bedroom after I changed his diaper. He ate lunch in the car and then fell asleep for the rest of the ride (thank goodness):

After taking a break from swimming, Blake made motions like he wanted to get back into the pool. Instead of asking for help he decided to jump into the pool all by himself. We were amazed that he jumps into the pool, kicks his feet on command, and blows bubbles under water. Made to swim?

Here is the video that didn't upload correctly from my previous post. This is from when my parents were in town:

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