Thursday, August 20, 2009

Night Cap

My gym night routine goes as follows:
1. Go to gym
2. Get creeped out by this one guy
3. Think about how I need to get Blake used to the gym daycare so I can work out in the mornings
4. Push stop on the machine
5. Drive home thankful I am not at the gym
6. Smile when I walk through my front door, for I can finally relax
7. Eat a bowl of cereal
8. Peruse through some favorite blogs

Well, tonight I was checking out (Andrew calls it decorator porn) and came across a picture of a kitchen. I have been fawning over subway tiles for quite some time now and swear up and down that would be my choice if I ever get to remodel a kitchen, no matter what year it is. So I was surprised when I saw this picture and said, "That is exactly the kitchen I have always wanted." This is so weird because (A) it is not subway tiles, and (B) it reminds me of my parent's kitchen. My parents have brick around the oven and microwave and I never really thought about it until this moment. It is good to know I have such fond memories of their kitchen. Maybe I will never branch out from my upbringing, but a girl can dream right?

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