Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

From last night:

Section Austria:

The arena before showtime:

After the show, Blake got to thank the King of Austria for putting up a good fight for us:

Blake was really rooting for the Dragon (the bad guy). We are happy he has such great role models:

Today -

We found the right pub after being seated at the wrong pub and having to get up and leave. This pub has 300 beers on tap. Andrew had 5 tasters plus a big burger:

My goal for today was to explore the Paris Hotel:

They have a great shop/restaurant called the Sugar Factory that peaked my interest before setting foot into Las Vegas. It didn't let me down:

Actually, I loved it so much I called the Dal Toro and cancelled our New Year's reservations, giving up our table amongst Ferraris, in exchange for reservations on the patio at the Sugar Factory. It will be a prefixed 4-course menu where we can watch the fireworks shoot off up and down the strip. Too bad we won't be able to order the $1,000 gold chocolate fondue item off their regular menu:

I think Andrew is coming down with the flu because he has been sick in the hotel room and is walking around in a jacket complaining that it is cold. Hopefully, he will make it through the night okay and better yet, not be sick for the flight home tomorrow. Please pray for him while I put on my best fake drunk girl face for the party tonight! Oh, and pray my kids don't wake up before 1am and realize there is a babysitter in the hotel room instead of us!!!

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