Sunday, December 11, 2011

Google Holiday Party

It is that time of year again when Google throws one heck of a party for the engineers. This year our theme was 1940's on an aircraft carrier (USS Hornet). The carrier has been turned into a museum and we went on many tours and heard lots of great war stories.

Here is a terrible picture of the ship as we approached it:

They had a band playing Christmas music next to the loading ramp:

Inside we helped ourselves to some drinks while watching the swing dancers start up their routine:

There were dioramas with different mannequins throughout the ship. This guy was in quarantine in an airstream trailer:

The food was excellent, as it always is, and were set up by ports of call. France had delectable desserts, Puerto Rico had yummy stuff chock full of nuts (couldn't taste those), and Italy had yummy food I never got around to trying. Here is one of my favorite new inventions:

Andrew gobbled up tons of sushi from the Okinawa, Japan port of call:

The photos we took together aren't posted yet, but I will add that one when it gets put on Google+. Thanks Google for a great evening of fun. Andrew and I really enjoyed getting away from the house for an evening and learned lots of historical and nautical facts.

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