Thursday, December 8, 2011


My nana sent us home with four, beautiful persimmons to enjoy at our leisure. I dehydrated the persimmons into tiny fruit leathers to be added as the dried fruit portion of homemade granola.

Step 1: Dehydrate Persimmons (check)
Step 2: Eat some (yum) and have kids help tear them into tiny pieces (check)
Step 3: Make granola concoction (check)
Step 4: Stick in 350 degree oven for 45 minutes, mixing every so often (check)

Step 4 is where things went wrong. I had mixed the granola twice and it was looking golden and perfect. Then, the smoke happened. In seconds, the persimmon bits just turned to burnt crisps. They took the coconut with them. My golden orange bits looked like burnt cranberries:

I took the granola out of the oven and put it all back on my dehydrator trays in hopes of drying out the remaining oil and salvaging it. Even plain yogurt can't mask the taste of burnt:

I am so disappointed I have to throw four trays of granola out. Bum deal. It is one of those things that makes you extra upset because this was not on my holiday "to do" list. Had it worked out, I would have been proud of myself for squeezing something in for myself. That will teach me:

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Danika said...

that was the saddest granola story I've ever heard :( what a disappointment. i hate when you get kicked in the ass for trying to do something fun, too.