Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy 2012 Everyone! Last night was a hoot:

Joining the masses as we make our way north towards Paris Hotel:

Almost there:

We sit down at our wonderful, balcony seats and immediately I look over and see a penis. The guy apologizes over and over saying he had to pee so much and he was so sorry for interrupting our nice meal. With that, I quickly held up my cell phone and started taking a picture. He said, "Oh please, don't take a picture of me. Please, ah lady, don't take a picture." I asked him if there was a Facebook account he would like me to upload the photo to. No answer. The worst part of that was watching people step in and out of his pee puddle without knowing what it was:

The dinner was great. We were seated right next to the VIP elevator so we got to see Holly Madison, Good Charlotte, and Kourtney Kardashian & Husband heading up to their respective clubs to host New Year's parties. Here we are counting the seconds down:

This is how we all felt on the way to the airport this morning:

Our series of events on the way home:
1. Our flight was delayed
2. The first woman to board the plane fell down and hurt herself. When we boarded the plane, she was sitting in the front row, wrapped in bandages, and hyperventilating. Not a good sign. Paramedics arrived to assess her condition. IV was inserted. 45 minutes later, the woman is removed from the airplane via gurney and we finally get to depart.
3. Andrew barfs in the airplane bathroom due to his full-blown flu.

I have loved being healthy and it looks like 2012 is not going to be one of good health right off the bat!!! Wishing everyone a healthy 2012 (a.k.a. finding new friends because the Hursts seem to be plagued all the time).

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