Thursday, December 15, 2011


Blake went out with a bang on his last day of preschool at Montecito. They had their annual Holiday Sings event where the kids sang, decorated cookies, then sat on Santa's lap. I have mom guilt knowing that he will be leaving his best friend behind so I can only hope he enjoys his classmates in his new school.

Don't expect much out of Blake this time around. He just stood there, bit his lips (his first visible habit picked up from his mother), and wiggled a little. I asked Blake if he wanted to wear his, as he puts it, "elvv" hat to school. In the car he said he needed two circles of red on his cheeks. Reade took a nap at grandma's house so Aunt Jessica was just the one to ask for red, rosy "elvv" cheeks. What a good elvv he was:

Decorating cookies with his favorite pals:

Santa's lap has become a familiar place for Blake. This time he asked for a candy cane for Christmas:

Now, for a good laugh. This is the picture from the Google Holiday party and boy did those cameras bring out the shiny in my dress. I swear to God that thing didn't look so metallic in the dim, ambiance lighting. I look like a pregnant mess of tin foil. That is what I get for sqeezing my pregnant body into a non-maternity holiday dress. I will be wearing this dress to a wedding this weekend so watch out bride and groom, hormonal woman in heavy metal will be throwing off the photographer's lighting:


Caroline said...

How have you not told me you're pregnant?! Congratulations!!

Skyla said...

That picture is great, I love the dress it looks really pretty!